3 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes You Should Avoid 

Whether you’ve recently bought a new Dallas, TX, home or want that new home feel with an updated kitchen, a renovation can be exciting — and much needed. But, if you get carried away with showrooms, trends, and Pinterest ideas, the effects of a bad remodeling job may leave you needing to redo everything. Below, we’ll relay kitchen remodel mistakes to keep you from going out of the frying pan and into the fire.

1. Adding Too Much Empty Space

Enlarging the heart of your home can mean adding a seating area for family dinners around the table rather than in front of the television. It also provides more space to prepare meals and entertain guests. 

However, too much floor space leaves you with awkward gaps you won’t know how to fill. While you can add another dishwasher or double up on islands, dead space usually forces you to purchase unnecessary furniture and appliances, raising the cost of your remodeling project.

Many also opt for oversizing items instead of buying more, but this bars optimal flow in the kitchen. You’ll spend most of your time walking around large blockades like a 10-foot kitchen island, which prolongs the cooking process and leaves everything out of reach. 

2. Cramping the Area

On the flip side, another one of the most common kitchen remodel mistakes includes under-sizing your kitchen, especially if you have plenty to incorporate. Dallas’ kitchen remodeling experts notice poor inventory taking usually causes this since you need a good understanding of what you want to incorporate into the new design for an accurate layout plan. 

You’ll have dead space if you throw away no longer-needed appliances after renovating your kitchen. What’s worse, if you don’t consider yet-to-be-purchased equipment or how large your existing items are, you’ll force everything into a small room, leaving you cramped for space. You’ll end up with:

  •  Tight aisles that only allow one person at a time to pass through
  •  Refrigerator, cabinet, oven, or kitchen doors that open too close to other items
  •  Restricted access to parts of your kitchen with appliances in the way

3. Incorporating One-Dimensional Lighting 

While some residents incorporate one basic lighting layer that provides ample visibility when cooking and cleaning up, lighting is for more than finding your way in the dark. Ambient or general lighting includes lighting fixtures, from recessed ceiling lights to dangling chandeliers. They cover all the walls or span the room’s ceiling to create a uniform glow and bar shadows.

Layering this with task lighting provides a stronger glow around your stove, sink, or other kitchen working areas. Finally, anything from stainless steel to ornamental fixtures are perfect for decorative lighting that highlights paintings and other focal points. 

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