A Homeowner’s Guide to Sustainable Kitchen Countertops

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More clients are looking for new ways to achieve eco-friendly kitchens. As trusted kitchen remodeling experts in Dallas, we’ve learned one simple method to do so is by having a kitchen countertop with sustainable materials. However, not everyone knows which countertop choices fit their budget and help the environment at the same time.

Consider these popular types of sustainable kitchen countertops:

1. Recycled Glass

Recycled glass is a great choice for countertops but may be more expensive than other options. Since the glass often comes from bottles, cars, and old lights, it’s increasingly difficult to find the colors consumers love. 

These countertops are typically a glass porcelain or concrete mix that manufacturers make into slabs. You do get a natural and gorgeous look with recycled glass countertops, but you may pay more for this colorful beauty.

2. Reclaimed Wood

It’s not uncommon to find reclaimed wood in a sustainable kitchen, so why not use it for your countertops? While you need to seal the wood from moisture exposure and damage, reusing wood offers a classic, natural, and versatile appearance. You can also use it as your cutting board.

You could save even more if you already have old wood from other parts of your home. 

3. Recycled Paper

One of the lesser-known sustainable kitchen countertops uses recycled paper. Not only do recycled paper countertops resist heat and moisture well, but you can also cut produce and meats on them without damaging the surface. These countertops are on the affordable side and look great with any kitchen style.

4. Bamboo

Since bamboo countertops come from a renewable resource and are more affordable than quartz or granite, they could be one of the best sustainable countertop choices. They are safe and recyclable and require about as much maintenance as other wood surfaces. With a little care and investment, you could have countertops that last several decades.

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can last a lifetime and requires minimal maintenance, making it a great fit for sustainable office kitchens and home kitchens alike. The material is reusable even after you replace your countertops someday. It also pairs well with stainless steel appliances.

While you don’t have to worry about burns and scratches like with wood, fingerprints show easily on stainless steel.

6. Marmoleum

Another affordable and sustainable countertop choice is Marmoleum, a popular brand of natural linoleum products with many interior uses. You may find it in flooring, desks, walls, furniture, and, of course, countertops. It has plenty of visual appeal.

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