Do You Put Tile Flooring Under Kitchen Cabinets?

As you plan for your kitchen remodeling project, you’ll likely consider the cost of your materials. One method of staying within your budget includes calculating how many square feet you need before receiving an estimate. However, perhaps you’ve come to an unknown variable: do you put tile flooring under kitchen cabinets?

We’ve asked our kitchen remodeling experts in Dallas for more information on the tile installation and design process. This information can help you continue your kitchen remodel plans and ensure you have enough money.

Kitchen Tiling Depends on the Design Plan

When you learn there are maintenance guidelines for ceramic tile care, you may expect there to be industry guidelines for tile placement. However, you have complete jurisdiction over the installation. Because the tile installation method is in your hands, we recommend keeping several factors in mind:

  • Damage risks
  • The type of tile
  • Installation costs
  • The cabinet weight
  • The type of cabinets

Defining each point can help you decide on your approach to kitchen floor replacement.

What Kind of Tile Are You Using?

Some types of tile dent and crack more than others based on weight distribution. For example, a sturdy, strong tile could withstand the weight of the cabinets from the top. That same tile might crack or fracture if you try to cut it to fit the edges of previously installed cabinets.

A different tile might not handle topside weight very well, but it is malleable enough to keep from cracking when cut. Such a tile would likely be better for cabinet-first installations.

Which Cabinets Are You Getting?

You can see the floor beneath freestanding cabinets but not below ones with kickboards. With freestanding versions, the answer to “Do you put tile flooring under kitchen cabinets?” can become a strict “Yes.” Otherwise, you would have beautiful tile flooring that suddenly and visibly dips into an uncovered subfloor.

Kickboard cabinets don’t always require tiles under them. Still, tile-first installations can help keep water from seeping under the cabinet and into the subfloor. Otherwise, you can also fit the tile to the edges and try using leak guards instead.

How Do You Want to Pay for Installation?

If you install the tile first, you risk cracks and potential damage during the cabinet installation. You could also pay more for tile materials because of the additional square footage.

However, tile-first installations can cost less than cutting tile to fit cabinet angles. Because tile cuts add to the labor costs, depending on the type of tile, you could pay more for precise fittings. Moreover, full-tile installations keep the floor level, which helps with appliance and cabinet additions.

Ask a Professional Designer for Kitchen Help

We customize the answer to “Do you put tile flooring under kitchen cabinets?” to fit your needs. NG Platinum Homes only hires highly trained designers and remodelers who can help you achieve your vision. As a family-owned company, we give all our clients top-quality customer service and respect.

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