Behind The Scenes

Facilities and Equipments We Used in Remodeling your Home

As far as we know, no other remodeler in Houston has similar equipment or facilities as NG Platinum Homes. Some of our state of the art equipment is listed below

  • PUR glue capable Edgebanding machines from Holzher. PUR is the only moisture resistant glue, without this application your edgebanding around your vanities and cabinets will start peeling after a while, we give you a limited lifetime warranty on our cabinets.
  • Milimetrically precise vertical computerized numerical control (CNC) routers for custom cabinets, vanities and any type of woodwork. Your drawers and doors will never have any issues even after years of opening and closing.
  • Scoring capable panel saws for the cleanest custom cuts. Zero chipping, zero rough edges. Not every saw was  created equal! The end result is straight edges.
  • Our own in-house countertop fabrication shop
  • State of the art CNC for those custom doors and drawer fronts. 
  • Custom paint booth, a clean paint job starts with a custom paint booth with zero saw dust. 

We can build you the kitchen bathroom home of your dreams

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Robots Building Cabinets

Precision is the name of the game for a long lasting cabinet, machinery that cuts and drills and puts every hole in exactly same position as the software commands is a must in this day and age. Our drawers and doors will always open and close like its day one. You will see every corner is exactly 90 degrees and there are no out of alignment pieces. No panel gaps here.

Cutting Edge Edges

No kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity will look good without smoothly transitioning edges. Our edgebanders use EVA or PUR glue technology for different applications. When we build your custom vanity, we will only use PUR to give you the cleanest look and the longest lasting durability under moisture. When it is a kitchen cabinet with EVA tech you will notice no glue lines around the edges. We are proud of our custom cabinet work.
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Machine behind the Machines

We use Cabinet Vision, the gold standard in Cabinet making software! Cabinet Vision is by far the most expensive and sophisticated software for cabinet calculations with physics in mind. Rumor is there is no better kitchen or bathroom design software in the world and we agree! Any person can build any cabinet or design a bathroom or kitchen, but will it last? Is the shelf too wide for support? What’s the density of the wood for the desired application? Our software team calculates all these before we give you the greenlight on your dream design with the help of Cabinet Vision, the only software used by large sized construction companies worldwide!

We can build you the kitchen bathroom home of your dreams

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