How to Decorate a Large Kitchen Wall:8 Ideas

Decorate a Large Kitchen Wall

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and knowing how to decorate your kitchen walls can achieve a cohesive aesthetic throughout the space. Do you have some valuable additional wall space to play with? You may be wondering how to decorate a large kitchen wall in a way that truly elevates the area.

An open kitchen wall presents an opportunity like no other. It’s a blank canvas with innumerable possibilities. So today, Dallas’ kitchen remodeling experts at NG Platinum Homes share a few interesting ideas to make the most of it.

#1 Open Shelves Embody Flexibility and Showmanship

If you have a large bare wall in your kitchen, you’re incredibly lucky. One of the best ideas for making the most of this space is to install open shelving, which is currently trending for its freeform and flexible design ethos. These floating shelves also pair well with all kinds of styles, from modern minimalist to traditional kitchen designs.

Shelves provide valuable utility as well as decorative potential. They pull double duty as a nice visual arrangement and a handy storage solution to show off gorgeous dinnerware, ornaments, bowls, vases, and candles. Modern open shelves are also easy to clean and maintain.

#2 Greenery Softens the Space While Adding Interest

An open kitchen wall is also a great spot for installing a stunning green space or a seedling nursery. Kitchen plants provide some much-needed color in a cold, shiny kitchen space. However, a wall garden can also function as your own personal herb garden for culinary purposes. 

Adding greenery makes the room feel alive and more dynamic than static decorations can ever achieve. Why not grow some simple herbs and spices, such as rosemary or cilantro, so that you always have a stock of fresh produce on hand for cooking? To make a wall garden, you can affix plant trays to the wall or combine the idea with open shelving.

#3 Art Gallery Features Speak Volumes About You

Instead of covering the open wall with a coat of paint, why not turn it into your own little art gallery? Kitchen art gives you an opportunity to express your unique sense of style. Choose art pieces that capture comfort or nostalgia or those you’ve picked up on your travels.

An open kitchen wall is a perfect place to display this artwork for all to see and create a talking point for guests and family members alike. Wall art is also flexible enough to match the frames, materials, and colors with everything from minimalist modern kitchen designs to rustic farmhouse ones. 

#4 A Wall Mural Offers Unrivaled Vibrancy and Expression

If you’re wondering how to decorate a large kitchen wall with something more eye-catching, switch things up with a detailed, custom wall mural! If you are an artistic person, a kitchen wall painting project is an excellent way to practice your craft and create something that reflects your unique sensibilities. Alternatively, you could use custom wallpaper to achieve an equally unique effect.

The benefit of custom painting is that you can modify the work to the exact dimensions of the wall. Darker, cooler colors will achieve a subdued, comforting look. If you want a vibrant aesthetic that makes the room seem bigger, go with warmer, brighter colors for your mural.

#5 Patterned Wallpaper Customizes Your Entire Space

Wallpaper is another excellent solution for a custom design on your large, open kitchen wall. The main benefit of choosing patterned wallpaper over painted murals is that you can change it easily when the time comes to update your kitchen. Removing and applying a new wallpaper is super straightforward. 

Going with wallpaper also provides you with endless pattern choices. You can find virtually any design you want, and many companies will create a custom wallpaper design if you give them the images or ideas you want. Bold wallpaper can also accentuate parts of the wall that shelving and other home decor do not obstruct for a bold style statement.

#6 Reflection and Mirrors Always Look Fantastic

Do you want to increase the diffusion of natural light without having to install a window? Add some mirrors. Reflective, decorative mirrors in kitchens serve the following purposes: 

  • They reflect natural light, making brighter colors in the room pop.
  • They make the room seem larger and more inviting.

#7 Wall Paneling Lends an Air of Undeniable Sophistication

If you want texture on your wall, wall paneling will certainly give the space some depth while maintaining a simple, geometric design. Wall panels are especially popular for farmhouse-style kitchens because they evoke a rustic aesthetic. The effect is that the wall consists of individual slats, which elevates the design considerably.

This type of wall paneling also creates a suitable backdrop for most other kinds of wall decorations. For example, you could easily combine open shelving with a paneled wall for a stunning yet still practical feature in your remodeled kitchen.

#8 A Built-In Unit Easily Marries Functional and Beautiful

Aesthetic decorations in the kitchen don’t have to take away functionality. If you have an open wall but want to make it as functional as possible, why not install a built-in unit to maximize your storage space? It has a shallow profile and sleek appearance, but removing kitchen cabinets to add a built-in unit also provides more space for storage and kitchen appliances. 

For instance, you might want a series of drawers and two cutouts for the oven and microwave. Bespoke built-in units take a little more time and money to create, but the results are well worth it.

Large Walls Are Only The Beginning for Inspirational Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Texas!

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