How To Remove Kitchen Cabinets From Walls

Remove Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering an exciting partial or full remodel of your kitchen? One of the first tasks before the work begins will be to safely remove cabinets from the walls. 

Below, NG Platinum Homes shares a quick guide on how to remove kitchen cabinets from walls safely. 

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Follow These Steps To Remove Kitchen Cabinets Safely

Wait; before doing anything, be sure to shut off all the electricity to your kitchen. You should also wear proper eye, mouth, and hand protection. 

Then, follow the steps below to take your cabinets off the walls and store them safely while the renovations get underway.

Remove Cabinet Doors and Don’t Lose the Pieces

Start by unscrewing the cabinet door hinges from the main body of the cabinet. Some doors feature a release clip that will allow you to take the door off before removing the hinges. If not, you may need someone else to support the door’s weight while you unscrew the hinges. 

Be sure to keep the doors and hinges on hand, as you can probably reuse them.

Take Out the Drawers and Store Them Away

Do you have drawer cabinets? Gently pull the main drawer unit off the runners. You can typically pull the cabinet out. However, drawers have screws or a release clip to help you remove them.

If you are confused about how to remove kitchen cabinets from walls or drawer slots, consult the cabinet’s design manual or local experts like NG Platinum Homes. 

Take off the Countertops if You Can or Ask for Assistance

If you are removing the lower cabinets, you will most likely need to take off the countertops. The countertop’s fittings are all underneath it—most use fasteners and bolts, but materials like wood might use glue. 

Remove the fastenings or carefully pry the countertops off the tops of the cabinets. Stone or marble countertops can be extremely heavy, and you should have a second person (or several people) to help you move them. And keep the fasteners safe because you can always reuse stone or granite countertops.

Unscrew Back Panels With Care

The final step is to remove the cabinet frame and body from the wall itself. With prefabricated cabinets, you just unscrew the back panels from the mounts. Someone should hold the cabinet while you’re unscrewing it so that it doesn’t fall onto you or smash onto the floor. 

Do the cabinets attach directly to the wall with glue? Pry the frame off the wall with a crowbar by placing plywood underneath the crowbar to avoid damage to the wall. You can always ask us about a backsplash for your kitchen to cover the visibly damaged areas.

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