In floor heating in bathroom!

We just finished renovating a bathroom in Missouri City, Houston area (for those that are reading my blog from other parts of the country) The homeowners, both senior citizens asked for a heating pad under their tile floor, since this was a major bathroom renovation and the floors were already up, we loved this challenge. You may think it is Houston, why would you need something like this BUT from our crew to the homeowners and to myself who grew up in snowy Northeast Ohio LOVED it! Even in July heat! Once you feel the warmness under your toes stepping on a -supposed to be- cold tile, you feel like this is a delicacy in life and more people should do it!

There are many things you have to be careful about this installation though, it is not easy at all! One wrong step and you have to redo the entire floor! I must admit we were all nervous and I called the manufacturer a couple times to make sure we were doing everything right! Stickiness to the subfloor is a major concern, another one is potential damage to the heating coil during tile installation, this part was the most nerve racking part as our crew was very careful where they were stepping and how they were laying each tile! One jab into the coil and that pad becomes useless.

Floor heaters come with thermostats and timers, you can keep them at a certain temperature or program the timer to enjoy it every morning when you wake up!

We also installed heated tower racks for the same customer, overall the bathroom turned out beautiful! Heating pads, heated towel racks, saunas and steam rooms! We have done them all!

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