How Much Value Does an Open Plan Kitchen Add to Your Home?

Renovations to your home can cost a lot of money. If you are considering designs for open kitchens, you probably are naturally wondering: How much value does an open plan kitchen add?

Today, the team at NG Platinum Homes is here to talk about designs for open kitchens and how they can affect your home resale values. Contact NG Platinum Homes today to speak to kitchen remodeling experts in Dallas!

Open Floor Plans and ROI

Open plan living has become increasingly popular in the past decade, but there is some evidence that Americans are drifting away from the open floor concept. The open floor concept has a few disadvantages, such as higher heating/cooling costs and excellent natural light diffusion. Many are starting to appreciate the separation a traditional closed-home design can create.

Open Floor Plan and Home Resale Value

Fortunately for homeowners, an open floor design still holds a good deal of sway over potential buyers. Open floor plans can increase your real estate value by 15% on average and up to 20% more than a traditional sectional design house. How much value an open plan kitchen adds depends on factors such as materials, construction quality, and buyer preferences. 

Why are open floor plans and kitchens so popular? There are a couple of main reasons:

1. Practicality

Open plan living is highly practical because it allows designated areas for different types of storage and floor plans. Moreover, buying a home with a pre-existing open kitchen and floor plan is more efficient than buying a sectional, traditional home and removing walls or performing a loft conversion to create an open design. 

2. Flexibility

Another way an open plan kitchen can contribute to home value is because of the flexibility it adds. Open design kitchens allow for more creativity with layouts and decorations. Instead of sequestering things into individual rooms, an open plan allows home areas to weave and flow into one another. This flexibility also allows for more decorative options. 

3. Accessibility

Lastly, an open kitchen plan allows for more accessibility and ease of use. Depending on your needs, a sectional kitchen might constrain space too much. Open kitchen designs have more points of access and remove things that impede the flow of space, such as hallways, corners, and walls. Open kitchen designs are also more convenient and accessible for individuals with mobility restrictions.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Dallas, TX

If you are wondering how much value does an open plan kitchen add, then give the team at NG Platinum Homes a call. We take great pride in the quality of our interior design services and always go the extra mile to exceed our client’s expectations. Our experienced team can help you design an open floor plan for your kitchen that maximizes your ROI.  

If you would like to learn more about open vs. closed kitchen designs, contact NG Platinum Homes online or call today at (281) 271-3838 to receive an estimate!

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