Our wonderful couple days with Ford.

Hello everyone, as you all know we are contractors and contractors drive trucks and cargo vans, well apparently some big corporation from Michigan (wink, wink) looked us up (and liked what they saw) and picked our company to feature in an article about their new truck Ford F-150 Lightning.

We spent a great couple days filming and shooting doing contractor things with an amazing camera crew. Felix Sanchez was the videographer for this shoot and when you look at his portfolio you see some great names like Simone Biles and Harpo productions and so on. So I guess we were in good company.

I must say though, we are not camera shy but at the same time I was wondering how these HGTV stars can get any work done with a crew behind them, everywhere you turn, you hit a cameraman.

Long story short, here is the article.


Emre and Nadine Gol 01
Nadine and Emre Gol
Nadine Gol

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