Permits and Contractors – A Love Hate relationship

Been very busy lately with a lot of bathroom remodeling projects, and we keep coming across many clients who are not knowledgeable about permitting process. Here in Texas many times you do not need to pull permits if you are outside of city limits, but we keep telling customers to pull it, this is where you go, wait a minute, a general contractor who wants to pull permits? Yes, if the person you hire tells you not to worry about it, don’t just walk away, RUN!

If they tell you it is not needed because you are outside of city limits keep in mind a permit is the cheapest way of keeping a contractor in check, ask for it and demand it. A permit is the easiest and cheapest way of making sure everything is done up to code. Many homeowners’ insurance companies are denying claims that were never denied before because of faulty installation, not following manufacturer’s instructions and not having permits if jurisdiction required it.

I will make a YouTube video about this process, stay tuned!


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