Garden Tub 101: Creating a Serene Spa Retreat in Your Home

garden tub

After a demanding day, the allure of a tranquil bath is undeniable – bath bombs, candles, a drink in hand – but most traditional tubs fall short in offering the deep immersion you truly crave.. That’s where garden tubs come in – grand in size, increasingly sought after, and designed to redefine relaxation. In this […]

Six Questions To Ask When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Designers and construction crews should put a large amount of importance on the design of a kitchen when building a house. However, whether due to poor project management or outdated designs, your kitchen might not suit your aesthetic. Because Americans spend over 400 hours in the kitchen each year, it needs to suit your taste. […]

Take Note of These Four Signs of a Bad Remodeling Job

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In a perfect world, you can trust all contractors for any remodeling job in your home. However, bad remodeling work can damage your property, whether through poor design or impairing the integrity of your home. Do you know how to identify a contractor that may do a bad remodeling job? Our kitchen remodeling experts in Dallas have […]

3 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes You Should Avoid 

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Whether you’ve recently bought a new Dallas, TX, home or want that new home feel with an updated kitchen, a renovation can be exciting — and much needed. But, if you get carried away with showrooms, trends, and Pinterest ideas, the effects of a bad remodeling job may leave you needing to redo everything. Below, we’ll relay kitchen […]

How to Choose Sustainable Flooring Materials

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One of the most popular trends of late is the use of sustainable flooring materials for home renovation projects. This trend stands to help our environment and our homes while improving our interior design. But as a homeowner, you might struggle to make the right purchasing decisions for your own home. Understanding how to choose […]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Sustainable Kitchen Countertops

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More clients are looking for new ways to achieve eco-friendly kitchens. As trusted kitchen remodeling experts in Dallas, we’ve learned one simple method to do so is by having a kitchen countertop with sustainable materials. However, not everyone knows which countertop choices fit their budget and help the environment at the same time. Consider these popular […]

Six Tips for Designing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

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The idea of switching to an eco-friendly kitchen design appeals to more homeowners as the world strives to increase its sustainability efforts. With IKEA offering second-hand furniture to give products new life and more businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprints, it’s no wonder this practice is sparking interest among property owners.  According to Architectural Digest, homeowners spent […]

Do You Need a Backsplash in the Kitchen?

Backsplash in the Kitchen spaces

Do you need a backsplash in kitchen spaces, or can you get away with not having one? If you are remodeling your kitchen, this is an important consideration that affects planning and budgeting. The NG Platinum Homes team has put together a quick guide on kitchen backsplash options below so that you can make an […]

How To Remove Kitchen Cabinets From Walls

Remove Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering an exciting partial or full remodel of your kitchen? One of the first tasks before the work begins will be to safely remove cabinets from the walls.  Below, NG Platinum Homes shares a quick guide on how to remove kitchen cabinets from walls safely.  Call us today to speak to the premier […]

How to Decorate a Large Kitchen Wall:8 Ideas

Decorate a Large Kitchen Wall

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and knowing how to decorate your kitchen walls can achieve a cohesive aesthetic throughout the space. Do you have some valuable additional wall space to play with? You may be wondering how to decorate a large kitchen wall in a way that truly elevates the area. An […]