What Is the Best Kitchen Flooring in 2023?

2019 Statista poll shows that roughly 50% of people were okay with spending up to an hour on weeknight meal prep. With all that time in one place, the floors need to look and feel the best. However, what qualifies as the “best” is conditional.

Find materials that define “what is the best kitchen flooring for you” instead of searching for the mythical “best floor ever.” To do this, designers who provide kitchen remodeling in Dallas often look into aesthetics, utility, and quality.

Address Your Quality Needs First

We recommend function before form when replacing kitchen floors. Because of high moisture levels and foot traffic in the kitchen, look for water-resistant and durable flooring materials.

Putting quality concerns first can also keep you healthy. The EWG warns against installing floors that release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as vinyl, laminate, and synthetic carpets. 

Instead, consider FSC-certified solid wood, natural linoleum, or tile. Many of these materials can withstand the weight of a falling pot or resist stains from spilled sauce. 

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Often, those who use laminate and vinyl while knowing potential health risks do so because of their affordability. While budget consciousness helps, we caution against sacrificing quality to that extent. Instead, look into the cost of each popular choice for kitchen flooring in 2023:

  • Stone tile: $5 to $16 per square foot
  • Hardwood: $4 to $13 per square foot
  • Ceramic tile: $0.50 to $5 per square foot
  • Porcelain tile: $3 to $10 per square foot

These prices depend on the type of stone, wood, or other material, its popularity, and the size of the kitchen. Some contractors increase the price for larger rooms, so always double-check with an estimate.

Plan to Make Your Kitchen Floor Presentable

With these sturdy and spill-resistant materials in mind, answering, “What is the best kitchen flooring for you?” becomes easier. Now, you can focus on more visual, tactile, and maintenance details, including:

  • Which types of flooring do you prefer?
  • How does the material feel against your skin?
  • How often do you plan on cleaning your kitchen floors?
  • How much time can you dedicate to kitchen floor care?
  • Does the floor color coordinate well with nearby objects?
  • Do you like patterns in your flooring, or do you prefer a solid color?
  • How long do you expect to keep this floor, and can the material last that long?

Once you answer these questions, look back at your materials and see which fits more of your requirements.

NG Platinum Homes Can Design Your Dream Kitchen

Instead of settling for unsuitable flooring, call on our expert kitchen designers for a professional installation. We can help you find the materials you need to make your kitchen as good as new without breaking the bank. Our team takes note of even the smallest details, such as tiling under kitchen cabinets or installation angles for proper fitting.

What is the best kitchen flooring for you? Call NG Platinum Houses 281-271-3838 (Houston), 469-667-3334 (Dallas), or fill out our online contact form and find out today.

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