Take Note of These Four Signs of a Bad Remodeling Job

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In a perfect world, you can trust all contractors for any remodeling job in your home. However, bad remodeling work can damage your property, whether through poor design or impairing the integrity of your home.

Do you know how to identify a contractor that may do a bad remodeling job? Our kitchen remodeling experts in Dallas have a few tips on identifying inadequate workers.

#1. They Do Not Show Permits or Insurance

No permits or insurance shows up as a red flag since this could mean they don’t have state approval to work. Also, you may have to cover the costs if they damage your property or get injured while working. 

Always ask for a copy of their permits and insurance. If they hesitate, it’s fair not to trust them.

#2. They Try To Forego Expert Practices

Have you ever had a contractor ask for high fees upfront, avoid signing a contract, or prefer cash to traceable card payments? Do they leave their workspaces filthy or fail to wear personal protective equipment? You may be dealing with a company prepping for a bad remodeling job.

While sometimes complicated, practices like signing contracts and providing service quotes on paper protect you. To file a claim, you often need paper documentation to provide concrete evidence of service issues.

#3. They Are in a Rush To Start

Much like a pushy salesperson, invasive contractors often try to force their way into work against your benefit. They may hurry you into signing a contract or making upfront payments.

In usual processes, you can take days to weeks to find the right contractor for the job. During this time, you can ask them common questions about kitchen remodeling, such as:

Remember to slow down and read their papers thoroughly.

#4. They Have Substandard or Non-Existent References

Word-of-mouth, reviews, and references all help contractors spread the word about their services. Positive feedback on reviews or answering common questions can show their reliability. If they lack any, it’s fair to doubt their legitimacy or assume they would do a bad remodeling job.

Also, see what the negative reviews say and how specific they are. If many people have the same complaints, avoiding them may be the best decision.

Bad Remodeling Job: What You Can Do

Don’t be afraid to fire your contractor if they fail to keep up communication, are disrespectful, or use unsafe working practices. You can also file a complaint if you have already hired a contractor and their work produces poor results. Contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and the Better Business Bureau to make your dissatisfaction as legally active as possible.

You can avoid kitchen renovation errors by hiring NG Platinum Homes for your kitchen remodeling project. All our experts have licenses, insurance, and several years of remodeling experience. Contact us today to learn how we can turn a bad remodeling job into a success story.

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