Six Questions To Ask When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Designers and construction crews should put a large amount of importance on the design of a kitchen when building a house. However, whether due to poor project management or outdated designs, your kitchen might not suit your aesthetic. Because Americans spend over 400 hours in the kitchen each year, it needs to suit your taste.

Do you know what questions to ask when remodeling a kitchen? After all, you want your renewed space to meet your expectations. Kitchen remodeling can be time-consuming and arduous when unexpected issues occur, so it’s important to think ahead. 

As a premium contractor for kitchen remodeling in Dallas, we recommend asking these questions to demystify the remodeling process.

A Few Notes About Your Kitchen Questions

While we have a few questions for you to consider, you should know these do not encompass every question you could ask. In general, our advice can provide a guide for you to find pertinent details about the job. Your questions may fit into one of about three categories:

  • Design questions to ensure the remodel fits your needs
  • Personal questions regarding your intent and expectations
  • Logistics questions regarding the time for the project, contractor qualifications, and more

Putting too much importance on one category while neglecting the others can leave you with incomplete or inadequate information. The ones we list below can help you get started when developing questions to ask when remodeling a kitchen. Design, personal, and logistics questions can overlap, but we’ve marked each one based on the general idea.

#1(D). Does Your Work Triangle Fit?

People like to move through the path of least resistance to save time while completing duties, including cooking. The “work triangle” refers to optimal kitchen design that allows for free and easy movement between your refrigerator, stove, and sink. If something disrupts the work triangle, homeowners are more likely to complain about poor kitchen design or distaste working in the kitchen.

When working with your contractor, ensure they can incorporate the work triangle properly. Doing so can increase your satisfaction with the results of your remodeling project.

#2(P). How Often Do You Expect To Cook?

Although Americans often spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the amount, of course, varies. A family of six will likely spend much more time in the kitchen than a single-person household. However, a home cook can spend hours at a time cooking, while a constant worker may just store ready-made food.

For those spending more time cooking, a good idea would be to incorporate more counter space in the new design. If you tend to buy and eat more food without cooking, you may want a smaller kitchen area. A smaller design could give you more room for other rooms.

#3(L). What Is Your Budget?

Unlike other questions to ask your kitchen contractor, the factors of this one are entirely up to you. Determining your budget can reduce mistakes during kitchen remodel procedures, like choosing a poor contractor and using unsuitable kitchen materials.

You also don’t want to put yourself into the red during a design project if you can help it. Evaluate your funds accordingly while accounting for potential logistical errors to have a better idea of how much money you actually have. You can also look into home improvement loans and financing options to make the job easier.

#4(D). What Will You Display in the Kitchen?

Generally, you want enough space to put your supplies away, even in smaller layouts. You also may want to have the ability to see certain kitchen utensils, like plates or cutlery, with ease.

Visibility without clutter can help you find what you need without feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen. Some homeowners use a white kitchen design with glass cabinet doors for a clean but clear appearance. Others prefer slate-colored countertops with few on-counter appliances while having high amounts of cabinet storage.

When thinking of questions to ask when remodeling a kitchen, look over the design plans. You can also review online plans or examples to find something that suits your taste.

#5(P). Do You Plan To Move Anytime Soon?

Moving takes a lot of resources, so you should save money during that time. While you may want to remodel or refurbish parts of your home before selling it, you should choose what you do carefully.

A full kitchen remodel can be too time-consuming or expensive, detracting from your moving funds. You may also not receive the return on investment (ROI) that you expected. As such, you may not want to change the entire kitchen but simply update aspects of it.

However, if you intend to live in your home for a long time, remodeling makes more sense. Your home should suit your preferences to make it as comfortable as possible for you to live there long-term.

#6(L). Is Your Contractor Qualified for the Job?

When you search “kitchen remodeling contractors” online, you’ll often find hundreds of results. However, quantity does not ensure quality, and even the most fancy-looking websites or services can lead to unwanted consequences.

As such, before you hire a contractor for your kitchen remodeling project, always check their qualifications. For example, ensure they have copies of their state licenses and that they can provide them for you to view. Also, all your contractors should have at least $2 million in liability insurance coverage.

Check to see how comfortable you are with them, as a lack of conversational nature can also disqualify them. They don’t need to be social butterflies, but the ability to reliably hold basic work-related conversations is a necessity.

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